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Welcome to the Thedore Roosevelt Amateur Radio Club's Website! 

Theodore Roosevelt Amateur Radio Club Operates In Southwest North Dakota. We Currently Operate and maintain the 146.820 Repeater in Dickinson, ND, the 146.640 Repeater in Killdeer, North Dakota, and 146.730 in Sentinel Butte, North Dakota. We Operate Under the Call K0ND. 

Exam Coordinator (ARRL-VEC)  Bill Bosch 701-483-3869       KØUB                            

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A Tuesday night net is held at  .7pm Tuesday nights. This net is Held on the  146.820 repeater. All check-ins welcome.  

Effective immediately, the Sunday coffee hour for the TRARC hams will be 3:30 pm at Dairy Barn .


The gathering schedule in general is:


MWF  coffee at 10 am at Taco John’s (Arby’s under construction)


Friday   5:30 pm at Pizza Ranch


Sunday   3:30 pm at Dairy Barn


Feel free to drop by and visit any time and join the gang. 

TRARC 2M FM Simplex net. This net will meet every Friday night at 9:00 pm Mountain time. We will meet on a frequency of 146.520 MHZ simplex. Net controls will be located in and around the Dickinson, ND area. This net is held for the purpose of training, sharing information, and to provide an on-the-air meeting place for fellow hams. You do not need to be a member of the club to participate, any and all amateur radio operators are welcome and encouraged to check-in. Please help to make this net successful by checking in!!! 73 Mike, WD0DAH

If You Are Interrested In Become A Emergency Coordinator, Please Contact the District 8 DEC, Samuel Spradley @ spradleysam243@gmail.com

For Past meeting Minutes, Please refer the meetings page, click on month for PDF copy of minutes for the monthly meeting 

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