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Repeater Site Updates:


The status of the TRARC repeaters is:


1. Sentinel Butte 146.73  on the air with link radio working.  The up code for that site is  736  and the down code is 1736.  There are

antenna problems suspected at that site and we are experiencing Receive issues.  The current 2 M support arm is loose and the entire antenna and feed line need to be analyzed.  We are using a Vertex 5000 repeater and after it locked up on transmit and was cleared it is functioning with the controller.  Hopefully, the duplexers (which were tuned and replaced) are fine. 


2.  Killdeer 146.64 Not on Air


3. Dickinson 146.82 on the air with link radio working.  The up code for that site is 342 and the down code is 1342.  We are using a Vertex 5000 repeater.


We thank all those who help with our systems.  We appreciate reports of the local (VHF side) Repeater use as much as possible.  So, go ahead and warm up the Repeater with chatter.


There are some error codes coming out of (distant likely) controllers and we will try to isolate them as best we can.  Remember to bring down any Superlink nodes you brought up in reverse order ending with your local side.  Thus, if you were in Killdeer on VHF and entered 545 you will hear “545 hello” and you now have the 440 Superlink open and hot across all receiving sites.  Now if you bring up 736 you will hear “736 hello” and you have both Killdeer and Sentinel Butte 440 open and you would talk to the VHF side on each site.  Then to close use the reverse order, 1736 and hear “736 bye” and then 1545 and hear “545 bye” and then you are back to the local VHF side.  (There is a slight difference in tone when you have the Superlink enabled and when down you should not hear the higher pitched tone).  Often, there is always someone monitoring the 440 backbone (across the entire system) and even though their local node is not up the listener is able to copy the transmissions on the 440 side.  Sometimes a listener may bring up another local node and you will hear “XXX hello” when that happens.  It is polite to confirm that and ask for recognition of that individual and site.  Now that winter is coming, we may have activity from distant sites trying to use the system for important contacts, especially if there is poor cell service, etc.


We need help with antenna work and maybe diagnosing some of our RECEIVE issues beyond antenna problems.  Help is appreciated.  Please feel free to offer your help in any way possible.  We realize many cannot (due to work schedules, etc) commit lots of time but now and then or even just moral support helps.  Your club values you and your use of the systems.  We all enjoy our ham radio use and that is the beauty of such a good hobby and communication modality.  Thank you. de Joe, N0QAU

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